Imagining a Better Future

Get Back to Your [Life]  helps identify the challenges of traveling throught the South Corridor while prompting a collective imagination of a better future. The work, shown below, uses a short survey to gather information about travel challenges, habits, and transit preferences along the south corridor. Answers to survey questions are incorporated into the piece when they are submitted allowing participants to share their mobility challenges and visions with transit analysts, other participants and everyone viewing the piece.

Take the survey

Take the survey

How it works

Once the user submits their answers to the survey the information is incorporated into the piece within a few minutes: musical notes and visuals change based on where the user travels within the corridor, and their lifestyle choices are spoken aloud in a collective imagining of what a better future could look like. The visual elements of the work outline the major traffic patterns of the South Corridor.

From Nashville, at the top, I-65 and State Route 31 extend southward down to Columbia outlined by the moving white points of light. The effervescent pillars that appear and disappear are situated based on proposed locations of future transit hubs. The colored lines that move up and down the corridor represent the travels of users as indicated by the zip-codes and travel designations collected in the survey. Musical notes are based on the length of travel between the various origins and destinations.